Academic Catalog 2023-2024

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General Education Courses

General Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will demonstrate effective communication skills through oral, reading, written, and digital formats in a professional setting.

  2. Students will engage in critical and creative thinking through inquiry, qualitative, and quantitative analysis and through integrative learning in order to identify and solve problems in real world, professional applications.

  3. Students will demonstrate awareness and understand the significance of cultural knowledge and diversity, ethical reasoning, and social responsibility from both a local and global perspective.

  4. Students will demonstrate the ability to locate, identify, evaluate, disseminate, and use relevant information responsibly to address problems in a variety of media and contexts.

General Education Courses

Courses to fulfill the general education requirements may be selected from the following:


ENGL 1010English Composition I (CENL 1013)3
ENGL 1020English Composition II (CENL 1023)3

Analytical Reasoning/Mathematics

MATH 1200Survey of Mathematical Concept (CMAT 1103)3
MATH 1203Applied Algebra (CMAT 1203)3
MATH 1300College Algebra (CMAT 1213)3
MATH 1400College Trigonometry (CMAT 1223)3
MATH 1600Elementary Number Structures (CMAT 1413)3
MATH 1630Elem Geometry & Statistics (CMAT 1423)3
MATH 1700Finite Math (CMAT 1313)3
MATH 2000Statistics (CMAT 1303)3
MATH 2010Calculus I (CMAT 2115)5
MATH 2100Calculus II (CMAT 2125)5


FIAR 1000Introduction to Drawing (CART 2203)3
FIAR 1010Sculpture Fundamentals (CART 1123)3
FIAR 1150Figure Drawing (CART 2213)3
FIAR 1200Art Appreciation (CART 1023)3
FIAR 1600Introduction to Painting3
FIAR 1700Introduction to Ceramics3
FIAR 1710Intermediate Ceramics3
FIAR 1800Digital Photography3
FIAR 1850Introduction to Digital Art3
FIAR 1900Intro to Printmaking3
FIAR 1910Screen Printing3
FIAR 2100Intermediate Drawing3
FIAR 2400Survey of Visual Arts to 1400 (CART 2103)3
FIAR 2410Survey of Vis. Arts from 1400 (CART 2113)3
FIAR 2500Watercolor3
FIAR 2720Independent Study In Ceramics3
FIAR 2850Intermediate Digital Art3
MUSC 1013Music Appreciation (CMUS 1013)3
MUSC 1100Music Fundamentals3
MUSC 1400Survey of Music Med. to Class.3
MUSC 1500Survey Music fr Rom to Pres3
THEA 1010Stagecraft3
THEA 1300Introduction to Acting3
THEA 1400Voice for the Stage3
THEA 2100Direction and Production3
THEA 2110Advanced Acting3
VIPR 1100Video Production I3
VIPR 1200Video Production II3


ENGL 2010Survey of English Literature I (CENL 2103)3
ENGL 2020Survey of English Lit II (CENL 2113)3
ENGL 2100Short Story and Novel3
ENGL 2110Poetry and Drama (CENL 2313)3
ENGL 2150Intro to Fiction Writing (CENL 2523)3
ENGL 2210Major American Writers (CENL 2173)3
ENGL 2220Survey of African American Lit (CNEL 2403)3
ENGL 2600World Literature I (CENL 2203)3
ENGL 2610World Literature II (CENL 2213)3
FIAR 1200Art Appreciation (CART 1023)3
FIAR 2400Survey of Visual Arts to 1400 (CART 2103)3
FIAR 2410Survey of Vis. Arts from 1400 (CART 2113)3
FREN 1010Elementary French I (CFRN 1013)3
FREN 1020Elementary French II (CFRN 1023)3
HIST 1010History of Western Civ I (CHIS 1013)3
HIST 1020History of Western Civ II (CHIS 1023)3
HIST 1500World History I (CHIS 1113)3
HIST 1510World History II (CHIS 1123)3
HIST 2010American History to 1865 (CHIS 2013)3
HIST 2020American History from 1865 (CHIS 2023)3
HIST 2100Louisiana History (CHIS 2033)3
MUSC 1013Music Appreciation (CMUS 1013)3
PHIL 1100Intro to Philosophy (CPHL 1013)3
PHIL 1130World Religions (CPHL 2013)3
PHIL 2200Ethics (CPHL 2113)3
SPAN 1010Elementary Spanish I (CSPN 1013)3
SPAN 1020Elementary Spanish II (CSPN 1023)3
SPAN 2010Intermediate Spanish I (CSPN 2013)3
SPAN 2020Intermediate Spanish II (CSPN 2023)3
SPCH 1100Fund of Effective Speaking (CCOM 1013)3
SPCH 1310Interpersonal Communication (CCOM 2213)3
SPCH 2150Public Speaking (CCOM 2013)3
SPCH 2200Argumentation and Debate (CCOM 2113)3
THEA 1000Intro to Theater (CTHE 1013)3
THEA 1100Classical Theater3

Natural Sciences

BIOL 1010Intro Anatomy and Physiology3
BIOL 1020Intro Anatomy & Physiology Lab1
BIOL 1030Nutrition for Food Service Prs3
BIOL 1040Animal Behavior3
BIOL 1060Principles of Biology I (CBIO 1013)3
BIOL 1070Principles of Biology I Lab (CBIO 1011)1
BIOL 1080Principles of Biology II (CBIO 1023)3
BIOL 1090Principles of Biology II Lab (CBIO 1022)1
BIOL 1100General Biology I (CBIO 1033)3
BIOL 1110General Biology I Lab (CBIO 1034)1
BIOL 1200General Biology II (CBIO 1043)3
BIOL 1500Nutrition and Diet Therapy (CBIO 2703)3
BIOL 1210General Biology II Lab (CBIO 1044)1
BIOL 2000Microbiology (CBIO 2123)3
BIOL 2010Microbiology Laboratory (CBIO 2124)1
BIOL 2050Genetics (CBIO 2513)3
BIOL 2200Louisiana Wetlands Ecology3
BIOL 2210Environmental Science3
BIOL 2220General Botany (CBIO 2313)3
BIOL 2230General Botany Lab (CBIO 2314)1
BIOL 2300Human Anatomy & Physiology I (CBIO 2213)3
BIOL 2310Human Anatomy & Phys I Lab (CBIO 2214)1
BIOL 2400Human Anatomy & Phys II (CBIO 2223)3
BIOL 2410Human Anatomy & Phys II Lab (CBIO 2224)1
CHEM 1003Gen, Organic & Biochemistry (CCEM 1003)3
CHEM 1100General Chemistry I (CCEM 1123)3
CHEM 1110General Chemistry I Lab (CCEM 1121)1
CHEM 1200General Chemistry II (CCEM 1133)3
CHEM 1210General Chemistry II Lab (CCEM 1131)1
CHEM 2200Organic Chemistry I (CCEM 2213)3
CHEM 2210Organic Chemistry Laboratory (CCEM 2222)1
GEOL 1010Physical Geology (CGEO 1103)3
GEOL 1030Physical Geology Lab. (CGEO 1101)1
PHYS 1010Elementary Physics (CPHY 1013)3
PHYS 1100General Physics I (CPHY 2113)3
PHYS 1110General Physics I Laboratory (CPHY 2111)1
PHYS 1200General Physics II (CPHY 1033)3
PHYS 1210General Physics II Laboratory (CPHY 2121)1

Natural Sciences Labs

BIOL 1020Intro Anatomy & Physiology Lab1
BIOL 1070Principles of Biology I Lab (CBIO 1011)1
BIOL 1090Principles of Biology II Lab (CBIO 1021)1
BIOL 1110General Biology I Lab (CBIO 1031)1
BIOL 1210General Biology II Lab (CBIO 1041)1
BIOL 2010Microbiology Laboratory (CBIO 2121)1
BIOL 2230General Botany Lab (CBIO 2311)1
BIOL 2310Human Anatomy & Phys I Lab (CBIO 2211)1
BIOL 2410Human Anatomy & Phys II Lab (CBIO 2221)1
CHEM 1110General Chemistry I Lab (CCEM 1121)1
CHEM 1210General Chemistry II Lab (CCEM 1131)1
CHEM 2210Organic Chemistry Laboratory (CCEM 2211)1
GEOL 1030Physical Geology Lab. (CGEO 1101)1
PHSC 1100Physical Science I Lab1
PHSC 1300Physical Science II Lab1
PHYS 1110General Physics I Laboratory (CPHY 2111)1
PHYS 1210General Physics II Laboratory (CPHY 2121)1

Social/Behavioral Sciences

ANTH 1100Introduction to Anthropology (CATR 1013)3
ANTH 2100Anthropology of Sex and Gender3
ECON 2000Microeconomics (CECN 2223)3
ECON 2020Macroeconomics (CECN 2213)3
ECON 2250Money and Banking (CECN 2313)3
GEOG 1201World Regional Geography I3
GEOG 1202World Regional Geography II3
GEOG 2100Elements of Physical Geography3
POLI 1100American Government (CPOL 2013)3
POLI 2610Constitutional Law3
PSYC 1100Introduction to Psychology (CPSY 2013)3
PSYC 1130Psychology of Personal Adjustm3
PSYC 2000Social Psychology (CPSY 2413)3
PSYC 2100Human Growth and Development (CPSY 2113)3
PSYC 2200Child Psychology (CPSY 2313)3
PSYC 2220Adolescent Psychology (CPSY 2213)3
PSYC 2250Educational Psychology (CPSY 2613)3
SOCI 1100Introduction to Sociology (CSOC 2013)3
SOCI 1510Sociology of Sexual Behavior3
SOCI 2090Criminology (CCRJ 2113)3
SOCI 2100Social Problems (CSOC 2113)3
SOCI 2200Marriage and the Family (CSOC 2213)3
SOCI 2220Drug Abuse3
SOCI 2300Society and the Person3
SOCI 2400Juvenile Delinquency (CCRJ 2413)3
SOCI 2500Sociology of Deviant Behavior (CSOC 2313)3