Academic Catalog 2022-2023

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Administration and Staff

Dr. Tina Tinney, Chancellor

Sonia Collins, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor

Thomas R Warner, Chancellor Emeritus

Education, Training and Student Success

Dr. Cherie Kay LaRocca, Vice Chancellor for Education, Training, and Student Success
Leonard Unbehagen, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Education, Training and Student Success
Emily Sherwood, Office Manager

Julie Rexford, STEAM Director
VACANT - Program Manager, Skillshop

Brian Gibson, Director of Workforce Development

Bradley Narcisse, Director of Adult Education

Reggie Poché - Dean of Instruction
Tanya Williams, Office Manager
Samantha DaLuz, Coordinator of Instruction

VACANT - Head Librarian
Christine Todd, Assistant Librarian/QEP Coordinator
Rachel Monson, Library Specialist

Mary Fernandez – Dean of Nursing and Allied Health
VACANT - Operations Coordinator for Health & Natural Sciences

Dr. April Lavergne – Dean of Strategic Enrollment and Student Success
Hannah Camp, Office Manager

Meg Greenfield, Registrar
Michéle Minor, Registrar Office Coordinator
Stephanie Hoskins, Admissions and Records Coordinator

Natalie Haniford, Student Success Coordinator
DeMarcus Robinson, Success Coach
Michelle Roper, Success Coach
Megan Trainor, Success Coach
Jade Warren, Success Coach

Treasure Burtchaell, Director of Financial Aid
Kim Doty, Financial Aid Officer
Jennifer Meyer, Financial Aid Officer
VACANT - LaVetsCorps Navigator

Dr. Darriona Lee, Director of IR/IE and Compliance
VACANT - Senior Researcher
VACANT – Institutional Effectiveness Manager

Donna Clark, Vice Chancellor Emeritus

Business Affairs

Tai Nguyen, Chief Financial Officer
Dana Littlepage, Director of Accounting and Budget
Wendy Frazier, Assistant Director of Purchasing and Property Control
Desiree Copping, Procurement Coordinator
Jackie Cantrell, Assistant Director of General Accounting
Jon Verret, Payroll and Accounts Payable Manager
VACANT - Accounts Payable and Travel Specialist
Tachel Jones, Assistant Director of Student Accounts and Receivables
Terrance Phillips, Student Account Specialist
Ashleigh Jones, Accounting Clerk

Randy Hartzog, Director of Facilities Management
Alex Powell, Facilities Coordinator
David Ballero, Maintenance Assistant
Jorge Jiminez, Maintenance Assistant
Walter Dornan, Police Officer
James Harper, Police Officer
Marty Melerine, Police Officer
Errol Schultz, Police Officer
Raymond Theriot, Police Officer
Clara Johnson, Custodian
Keithia Sylve, Custodian

Pattie Timmons, Interim Property Manager
Randy Mire, Property Coordinator

Institutional Advancement

Katherine Lemoine, Associate Vice Chancellor of Institutional Advancement
Heather Michael, Development Coordinator
Glenn Powell, Head Baseball Coach, Athletic Director
Dominic Curole, Baseball Assistant
Josephine Dietz, Executive Secretary for Advancement

Jerry Graves, Director of Grants
Jennifer O'Sullivan, Grants Coordinator/Perkins

Strategic Engagement and Human Capital

Jason J.  Leader, Interim Executive Director of Strategic Engagement and Human Capital
VACANT – Human Resources Manager
Nadia Mingo, Human Resources Coordinator

Jason Hosch, Director of Information Technology
Chris Hintzen, IT Analyst
VACANT, IT Coordinator

Jason Browne, Director of Communications

Jacinta Massey, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Title IX/ADA Coordinator