Academic Catalog 2023-2024

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Taylor Amalfitano
Instructor, English
B.A. University of New Orleans
M.A. University of New Orleans
M.L.I.S. Louisiana State University

Steve Baiamonte, Jr. 
Instructor, Electrical Construction
Electrical State License (since 2010)
2002 Nunez Electrical Certificate

Greg Bazin 
Professor, Mathematics
B.S. Louisiana State University
M.Ed., Louisiana State University
M.S., University of New Orleans

Nathaniel Adam Bourne
Program Chair: Electrical Construction and Heating,
Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration

Instructor, Electrical Construction and Carpentry 
B.A., University of Mississippi
M.Div., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Jason Campagna 
Program Chair:  Paralegal and Business 
Associate Professor, Business
B.S., Our Lady of Holy Cross College
M.B.A., University of New Orleans
Ed.D., University of Holy Cross

Paul Campbell 
Instructor, CNA
L.P.N., Nunez Community College

Ron Chapman 
Professor, History
B.A., University of New Orleans
M.A., University of New Orleans

Andrew Durta 
Associate Professor, Mathematics
M.A., Indiana University

Lauren Englade-Franklin 
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
B.S., Louisiana Tech University
Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Rose Frazier 
Professor, Medical Billing and Coding
B.S., Dillard University
M.A., University of Phoenix

Brandy Freire
Instructor, Nursing
ADN, Delgado Community College, Charity School of Nursing
BSN, Chamberlain University
MSN/FNP, University of South Alabama
Carter Gordon 

Instructor, Process Technology
B.S., University of Southwest Louisiana

Christine T. Griggs 
Program Chair: Mathematics and Science

Professor, Mathematics
B.S., Southeastern LA University
M.S., Southeastern LA University

Klaus Heyer 
Professor, Biology and Sociology
B.A., Rhode Island College
M.A., San Jose State University
M.S., University of Rhode Island
Ph.D., University of New Orleans

Kathleen Huff 
Program Chair: Care & Development of Young Children, Teaching (Grades 1-5), and Social Sciences
Assistant Professor, Care & Development of Young Children and Teaching (Grades 1-5)
B.A., University of New Orleans
M.Ed., University of New Orleans

Lynn Irby 
Associate Professor, Business and Technology
B.S., University of New Orleans

Juliette Paul-Jackson
Program Chair: English, Humanities, and Fine Arts
Professor, Fine Arts
B.F.A., Louisiana State University
M.A.A.T., School of the Arts Institute of Chicago

Duane Jardine 
Associate Professor, Process Technology, Aerospace Manufacturing Technology, Physical Science, Mathematics
A.A.S., Community College of the Air Force
B.S.ME, University of Texas at San Antonio
M.Sc., University of New Orleans

Alaa Khalil
Assistant Professor, Biology
Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, Al-Mustansiriya University

Abdellah Laamarti
Instructor, Mathematics
B.A., Lehman College/CUNY
M.S., University of New Orleans

Rachel Lestelle
Instructor, EMSE and Paramedic
Paramedic Certification, Delgado Community College

Mahtab Lodhi 
Instructor, Coastal Studies & GIS Technology
M.A., University of Nebraska - Omaha 
Ph.D., University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Eric Mark
Program Chair: Culinary Arts
and Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism
Assistant Professor, Culinary Arts and Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism
A.A.S., Delgado Community College, Hospitality Management
A.A.S., Delgado Community College, Culinary Arts

Jesus Melendez 
Program Chair: Welding
Assistant Professor, Welding
C.T.S., Nunez Community College
Certified Welder, American Welding Society
Precision Weld Testing & Training of Baton Rouge
Certified Forklift Trainer

Donald Mieger 
Program Director: EMSE
Instructor, EMS and Paramedic
B.A., American Military University
A.A., Pearl River Community College
EMT Certification, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
EMT Intermediate Program, University of South Alabama
Paramedic, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Charles Miller 
Assistant Professor, Geography and Sociology
B.A., Tulane University
M.A., The University of Georgia
M.A., The University of New Orleans
Ph.D., The University of New Orleans

Alex Mulvaney 
Instructor, Instrumentation
B.S., Murray State University

Keith Province 
Assistant Professor, Welding
Certified Welding Inspector - American Welding Society
Certified Welding Educator- American Welding Society

Brian Quat 
Assistant Professor, English
B.A., Franklin and Marshall College
M.A., University of New Orleans
M.Ed., Western Governors University

Jacqueline Richard 
Program Chair: Coastal Studies
Instructor, Coastal Studies and GIS Technology
B.A., University of Kansas
M.S., University of New Orleans

Gwendolyn Robinson 
Professor, English
B.A., Grambling State University
M.A., Louisiana Tech University

Fred Sakon
Instructor, Mathematics 
B.A., Clemson University
M.S., Florida State University
M.S., Tulane University

Melanie Schmill
Clinical Coordinator, Nursing
Instructor, Nursing
BSN, Louisiana State University Health Science Center
MSN, Chamberlain University
Karen Schubert 
Instructor, Business Information Technology
M.A., Ruhr University of Bochum
Nicholas Slie 
Program Chair: Louisiana Transfer Degrees (ASLT/AALT) and General Studies

Professor, Theater
B.A., Louisiana State University
M.Phil., Trinity College Dublin

Kyle Steib
Program Chair: Instrumentation and Process Technology
Instructor, Process Technology
M.B.A., University of Phoenix

Tina Tinney, Chancellor
Associate Professor, Biology
B.S., University of New Orleans
M.A.S.T., University of New Orleans
Ed.D., Southeastern University

Kaitlyn Templet
Instructor, Nursing
ADN, Pearl River Community College

Christine Todd
Instructor, Library Services
B.A., Sarah Lawrence College
M.L.I.S., Louisiana State University

Keith Tolleson 
Associate Professor, Industrial Technology
B.A., Nicholls State University

Ruth Moise Varisco 
Professor, Culinary Arts & Occupations
C.E.P.C., American Culinary Federation
C.C.E., American Culinary Federation
B. S., Dominican College
M.Ed., University of New Orleans

Brittney Zaffuto 
Program Director: Practical Nursing

Instructor, Nursing
B.S.N., Southeastern Louisiana University
MSN-Ed., University of Phoenix

Anne Zavala
Instructor, EMSE and Paramedic
B.S., Louisiana State University
EMT Certification, Delgado Community College
Paramedic, South Louisiana Community College