Academic Catalog 2021-2022

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Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HACR)

HACR 1150 — HVAC Introduction   3 credit hours

Intro to HVAC industry

Schedule type: Independent Study, Lecture, Web

HACR 1160 — Principles of Refrigeration I   3 credit hours

This course presents the proper and safe use of hand tools including power tools and materials in the HVAC Industry. This course also provides for a review of HVAC and refrigeration processes and applications.

HACR 1170 — Principles of Refrigeration II   3 credit hours

This course provides the student with the skills and knowledge to install, repair and service major components of a refrigeration system. Topics include: compressors; evaporators; condensers; metering devices; service procedures; refrigeration systems; refrigeration cycle; enthalpy and safety.

HACR 1180 — Princip. of Refrigeration III   3 credit hours

Provides the student with the skills and knowledge to evacuate, charge, and leak checking a sealed system according to EPA and Industry standards. Topics include: Triple Evacuation, Burn-out cleanup of system, weigh-in charging, Superheat settings and Subcool adjustments and safety.

HACR 1210 — Electrical Fundamentals   3 credit hours

Introduction to fundamental electrical concepts and theories as applied to the air conditioning industry. Topics include: AC and DC theory; ohms law; electric meters; electric diagrams; distribution systems; electrical panels; voltage circuits; code requirements; and safety.

Schedule type: Lecture, Web

HACR 1220 — Electrical Components   3 credit hours

Provides instruction in identifying, installing and testing commonly used components in an air conditioning system. Topics include: pressure switches; overload devices; transformers; magnetic starters; other commonly used controls; diagnostic techniques; installation procedures; and safety.

HACR 1230 — Electric Motors   3 credit hours

This course continues the development of skills and knowledge necessary for application and service of electric motors commonly used by the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Topics include: diagnostic techniques; capacitors; installation procedures; types of electric motors; electric motor service; and safety.

HACR 1240 — Applied Electricity& Troublesh   3 credit hours

This course provides instruction on wiring various types of air conditioning systems. Topics include: servicing procedures; troubleshooting procedures; solid state controls; system wiring; control circuits; and safety.

HACR 1410 — Domestic Refrigeration   3 credit hours

Presents the proper procedures to diagnose and repair domestic refrigerators and freezers

Co-requisite(s): HACR 1180

HACR 1420 — Room Air Conditioners   3 credit hours

This course includes the operation, diagnosis, and science of room air conditioning. Emphasis is devoted to diagnosis and repair. Lab Fee

Co-requisite(s): HACR 1410

HACR 2510 — Residential Central A/C   3 credit hours

This course presents the study and theory of the major components and functions of central air conditioning systems. Topics include the study of different air conditioning systems types and the proper and safe use of instruments and safety. Lab Fee

HACR 2520 — Residential Central A/C II   3 credit hours

This course presents the operation, diagnosis and service of central air conditioning systems and the care of associated instruments. Topics include the various types of A/C systems, and safety principles. Lab Fee

Co-requisite(s): HACR 2510

HACR 2530 — Residential System Design   3 credit hours

This course presents theory and practice of different types of residential air conditioning systems heat loads. Topics include calculations, duct design, air filtration, and safety practices. Lab Fee

Co-requisite(s): HACR 2520

HACR 2540 — Residential Heating   3 credit hours

This course covers theory and study of the principles and practices for the operation, diagnosis and service of residential and small commercial heating systems. Topics covered will include electrical controls, gas valves, piping, venting, code requirements, and principles of combustion and safety for gas and electrical heating. Lab Fee

Co-requisite(s): HACR 2530

HACR 2560 — Residential Heat Pumps   3 credit hours

This course presents the theory and study of heat pumps and related systems, providing information for the fundamentals of heat pump operation and diagnosis techniques. Installation procedures, diagnosis, servicing procedures, valves, electrical components and geothermal ground source applications, dual fuel systems, and safety are topics included. Lab Fee

Co-requisite(s): HACR 2540