Academic Catalog 2023-2024

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Care and Development of Young Children, Associate of Applied Science

The Care and Development of Young Children program provides education and training in the care of young children. A student who completes this program is prepared to assure the health, safety, and well-being of young children who are in out-of-home care. Students completing the AAS in CDYC can then apply for the Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate with LDOE, which is needed for the lead teachers and directors in early childcare programs in LA. 

Students who intend to transfer to a teacher education program at a 4 year institution should consider the Associate of Science in Teaching (Grades 1-5) program. Students who intend to transfer the CDYC degree should be aware that any grades below “C” in General Education courses are unlikely to transfer. Observation and Practicum courses require a background check due to site-based experiences at early childhood centers or schools.

Program Outcomes:

  1. The student demonstrates consistent competence and professionalism as an educator of young children.
  2. The student effectively applies the principles of developmentally appropriate practice in planning and practice.
  3. The student effectively deals with common occurrences in an early childhood setting independently or with minimal assistance from a professional educator.
  4. The student communicates effectively with children and adults in an early childhood setting.
  5. The student demonstrates respect for children, individually and as a group.
General Education Requirements
ENGL 1010English Composition I 13
ENGL 1020English Composition II3
MATH 1199 or higher 43
Any SPCH course3
Humanities Elective3
Natural Science Elective3
PSYC 1100Introduction to Psychology 13
PSYC 2200Child Psychology 13
or PSYC 2100 Human Growth and Development
BUSN 1150Survey of Microcomputer App3
Fine Arts Elective3
Major Courses 1, 2
CDYC 1050Intro to Care&Dev of Yng Child3
CDYC 1110Observation & Participation3
CDYC 2300Lit & Lang Dev in Early Child3
CDYC electives 39
CDYC 2980Practicum6
Approved Elective
Two courses, to be approved by advisor6
Total Hours60

Must earn a grade of “C” or better.


At least fifteen 15 credit hours must be earned in residence.


To be approved by advisor.


Math 1300 recommended for students intending to transfer to a bachelor's degree program.