Academic Catalog 2023-2024

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Physical Sciences Concentration, Associate of Science

General Education Requirements
ENGL 1010English Composition I3
ENGL 1020English Composition II3
Math/Analytical Reasoning
MATH 1300College Algebra3
MATH 1400College Trigonometry3
Select one of the following Gen Ed Literature courses:3
Survey of English Literature I
Survey of English Lit II
Short Story and Novel
Poetry and Drama
Major American Writers
World Literature I
World Literature II
Humanities Electives6
Natural Sciences
6 hour sequence + 3 hours in opposite science lecture6
BIOL 1100General Biology I3
Social Sciences
Social Science Electives6
Fine Arts
Fine Arts Elective3
Concentration Requirements
Natural Sciences
Select one of the following sequences:8
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
and General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Lab
General Physics I
and General Physics I Laboratory
and General Physics II
and General Physics II Laboratory
MATH 2010Calculus I5
MATH 2100Calculus II5
Additional Analytical Reasoning Mathematics or Natural Science Elective3
Total Hours60