Academic Catalog 2023-2024

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Patient Care Technician, Certificate of Technical Studies

Patient care technicians are allied health professionals who provide direct patient care within their regulated scope of practice. They perform basic nursing assistant tasks (as delegated by the nursing or medical staff) which may include obtaining patient vital signs and other data, communicating with the healthcare team and patients, assisting with activities of daily living (ADLs), complying with confidentiality requirements, and performing EKGs and phlebotomy tasks.

  1. Students communicate effectively through writing, speaking, listening, reading, and interpersonal skills in both the classroom and clinical setting.
  2. Students demonstrate an understanding of professional ethics and legal responsibilities.
  3. Students apply infection control guidelines including techniques for maintaining isolation.
  4. Students exhibit critical thinking and problem-solving skills to locate, analyze, and apply information in career planning and employment.
  5. Students model work readiness traits required for success in the workplace including integrity, honesty, accountability, punctuality, time management and respect for diversity.
Major Courses 1
NURS 1000Nursing Assistant4
HASC 1020Intro to EKG3
HASC 1010Phlebotomy3
HASC 1011Phlebotomy Lab1
HASC 1012Phlebotomy Clin Externship3
HSOM 1020Medical Terminology I3
HSOM 1030Medical Terminology II3
HSOM 2050Medical Office Management3
Total Hours27

Must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.