Academic Catalog 2020-2021

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Aerospace Manufacturing Technology, Technical Diploma

This program, designed in partnership with industry, provides classroom and hands-on training that allows students to develop the knowledge and skills to successfully perform the tasks required of an entry level aerospace manufacturing technician.

Major Courses 1
INDT 1030Industrial & Plant Safety3
INDT 2070Quality Control3
ARST 1000Introduction to Aerospace2
ARST 1040Intro to Elec.& Elec. Assembly4
ARST 1050Fluid Systems2
ARST 1210Print Reading3
ARST 1500Hoist & Crane Equipment1
ARST 1760Adv Electro & Electri Assembly4
ARST 1780Intro Mech Assembly4
ARST 2510Welding Aero Manuf4
ARST 2700Advanced Mechanical Assembly4
ARST 2760Adhesive Bonding5
ARST 2780Composite Materials1
ARST 2790Fabrication Aero Manuf3
ARST 2800Surface Prep and Coat2
Total Hours45