Academic Catalog 2023-2024

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Cloud Computing Foundations, Certificate of Technical Studies

The Nunez Cloud Computing Program prepares students for all three IT Implementation situations, by offering a curriculum that focuses on a strong On Premise foundation consisting of MS Windows and Linux Desktop and Server Administration, Lan and WAN Networking, as well as IT Security for Systems and Networks. The curriculum then addresses how to apply these skills to Cloud Based Server Administration, Cloud Based Network Administration, and Security Administration for Cloud Based Servers and Networks.

Job Opportunities for Cloud Based Information Technology Professionals are excellent and offer Graduates of the Nunez Community College Cloud Computing Program a great financial future with a high potential for upward mobility.

Major Courses
CCOM 1001Intro to Information Technolog3
CCOM 1002PC Hardware and Software Lab3
CCOM 1004Intro to Programming&Scripting3
CCOM 1021Fund of AWS Cloud Services3
CCOM 1023Intro to Networking3
CCOM 1027Windows Client Server 13
CCOM 1030Linux Desktop & Server OS3
CCOM 1033Intermediate Networking3
CCOM 1037Windows Client Server 23
CCOM 1045Introduction to Security3
Total Hours30