Academic Catalog 2023-2024

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Culinary Arts, Certificate of Technical Studies

The certificate program in Culinary Arts prepares students for employment in a variety of food service occupations.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate a mastery of food service sanitation concepts and practices.
  2. Exhibits positive work ethic, including efficient use of time.
  3. Uses professional cooking and baking procedures, equipment, and terminology to adequately meet industry standards.
  4. Uses food management essentials of effective purchasing and cost control.
General Education Requirements 1
ENGL 1000Applied Writing3
MATH 1150Math for Technology3
Major Courses 1, 2
CULA 1000Introduction to Culinary Arts3
CULA 1020Basic Food Preparation3
CULA 1050Sanitation3
CULA 1500Baking3
CULA 1700Food Service Management I3
CULA 1750Meat, Poultry, and Seafood3
CULA 1800Soups, Stocks, and Sauces3
Total Hours30

Must earn a grade of "C" or better in each.


At least twelve (12) credit hours must be earned in residence.


CULA 1600Advanced Baking3
BUSN 1510Small Business Management3
BUSN 1800Introduction to Hospitality Management3
FIAR 1000Introduction to Drawing3
FIAR 1010Sculpture Fundamentals3