Academic Catalog 2023-2024

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Process Technology, Technical Diploma

General Education Requirements
MATH 1300College Algebra3
Humanities Elective3
PHYS 1100General Physics I3
or PHSC 1000 Physical Science
PHYS 1110General Physics I Laboratory1
or PHSC 1100 Physical Science I Lab
Major Courses 1
PTEC 1010Intro to Process Technology3
INDT 1030Industrial & Plant Safety3
PTEC 1330Process Instrumentation2
PTEC 1331Process Instrumentation Lab2
PTEC 1630Process Equipment2
PTEC 1631Process Equipment Lab2
INDT 2070Quality Control3
PTEC 2420Process Technology II:Systems3
PTEC 2421Process Tech II: Systems Lab1
PTEC 2430Process Tech III: Operations2
PTEC 2431Process Tech III:OperationsLab2
PTEC 2630Fluid Mechanics3
PTEC 2440Process Troubleshooting3
PTEC 2910Process Technology Internship3
Enrichment Courses
BUSN 1150Survey of Microcomputer App3
Total Hours47

Must earn a grade of “C” or better in each. At least eighteen (18) credit hours must be earned in residence.